John D. 1A-03
Patch Update v2.0.5

Patch Update v2.0.5 includes changes to BOTH EUP & Vehicles. We had some bugs on the vehicles and then additions to the EUP. Let's get to it!
  1. All Law Enforcement vehicle liveries were downgraded from 4k textures down to 2k due to the server being overloaded.
  2. Added Multiple duty belts for Law Enforcement to use. It includes:
    1. A minimal/low profile duty belt
      1. And many more versions of the duty belt
  3. Added an Under Armour long sleeve shirt with Police, State Trooper, and Sherrif markings.
  4. Added 2 new Earpieces
  5. Added a custom headset for SWAT
  6. Added 2 SWAT belts with bags/pouches on the side
    1. Fixed a bug where one of the pouches was showing up purple
  7. Added a hoodie for everyone to use
  8. Added a long sleeve Under Armour shirt
  9. Added short sleeve Under Armour shirt
  10. Added New SCBA Gear [MSA G1 SCBA]
  11. Added Medic Backpack [Rush 72]
  12. Added Motorolla APX Radio Strap for DFR
  13. Added Multiple radio & bodycam options/combinations
    1. Around back over the right shoulder with bodycam
    2. over the left shoulder with bodycam
    3. under left arm to chest with bodycam
    4. Under left arm to shoulder with bodycam
    5. Around back over right shoulder [radio]
    6. over left shoulder [radio]
    7. under left arm to the chest [radio]
    8. under left arm to left shoulder [radio]
  14. Added multiple vests, including but not limited to (i forgot/don' know how to describe them):
    1. SWAT heavy Duty vest
    2. Minimal Plate carrier
    3. Plate carrier with multiple equipment things/glove
    4. Plate carrier with a medical pouch for SWAT Medic.
  15. Added a new pair of combat boots by Code5Mods
  16. Fixed the trunk text being crooked on the TST Livery of the Crown Vic from the Whelen pack
  17. Made the sidecar numbers black on the DCSO Livery of the Crown Vic from the Whelen pack
  18. Made the sheriff star bigger on DCSO livery for the Crown Vic from the Whelen pack
  19. Fixed the trunk stuff...

John D. 1A-03
Patch Update v2.0.4

In this Patch update, we once again have focused on updating a lot of the vehicles. It's a pretty long list so let's get to it!

- Fixed the trunk text on the DPD Marshal Skins to say Dallas Marshal's not "Dallas Police" [The 2018 Charger [NF], 2018 Tahoe [NF], 2016 F-150 [NF], 2016 Exokirer [NF], 2013 Tahoe [NF], 2014 Charger [NF], 2020 Tahoe [Code3], 2018 Charger [Code3], & 2013 Tahoe [Code 3] were the ones updated]
- Fixed the flipped roof numbers on the DPD recruitment skin for the 2018 Dodge Demon.
- Added car numbers to the top left of the rear bumper on all Dallas Police Department Chargers [2014, 2018, & 2009].
- The door design/seal for the Dallas County Sheriff's Office has been updated for ALL Vehicles.
-Added the brand new 2021 Whelen Pack 2.0 from Redneck Modifications LLC. Vehicles include:
• 2006 Chevy Tahoe with a Patriot Strobe Lightbar.
• 2011 Ford Crown Victoria with a Patriot Strobe Lightbar.
• 2013 Chevrolet Caprice with a Liberty I lightbar.
• 2014 Dodge Charger with a Liberty I Lightbar.
• 2016 Ford Explorer with a Liberty II Lightbar.
• 2018 Ford F150 with a Liberty II Lightbar.
• 2016 Ford Taurus with a Liberty II Lightbar.
• 2018 Dodge Charger with a Liberty II Lightbar.
• 2018/2020 Chevrolet Tahoe with a Liberty II Lightbar.
• 2018/2020 Chevrolet Suburban with a Liberty II Lightbar.

- Tinted all of the vehicles that allowed tinting (Some of them didn't tint properly or had some type of bug so uhh yeah)
- Updated the handling line for the 2006 Tahoe from the Whelen Pack. Note: Do not drive over curbs over 50MPH or you will go flying (Same with the Crown Vic #realism).
- Updated the handling line for the 2013 Chevy Caprice from the Whelen pack.
- Updated the handling line for the 2018/2020 Tahoe from the Whelen pack.
- Updated the handling line for the 2014 Charger from the Whelen Pack.
- Adjusted both of the 2006 Tahoe to have different...

John D. 1A-03
Patch Update v2.0.3

In this patch update, there are a lot of vehicle-related changes & additions that are being introduced. They go as follows:

- All nForce sedans had the Game Warden Livery removed.
- Added the Code3 Pack from Redneck Modifications LLC.
- Updated the rear TA(Traffic Advisor) Bar light pattern.
- Added Texas State Troopers Livery to ALL vehicles of the Code3 Pack.
- Added Dallas Police Department to ALL vehicles of the Code3 Pack.
- Added Dallas County Sheriffs Office Livery to ALL vehicles of the Code3 Pack.
- Added Dallas County Constables Liveries to the 2018 Charger & 2013 Tahoe from the Code3 Pack.
- Added Texas Game Warden liveries to all SUV's.
- Made Dallas Police Department Traffic Enforcement Liveries for the 2019 Durango, 2006 Impala, 2020 Tahoe, & 2016 Taurus.
- Made Dallas Marshall liveries to the 2018 charger and 2020 Tahoe ( I think, if I'm wrong uhhh, shoot I know there is some thoe)
- Updated the handling line for the 2013 Tahoe from the Code3 & nForce pack.
- Updated the handling line for the Durango from the Code3 Pack.
- Added Dallas Fire-Rescue Special Operations Livery to the Fire F250.
- Fixed Carcols issue with the Charger from the Code3 Pack.
- Fixed Carcols issue with the Taurus from the Code3 Pack.
- Added an Unmarked Livery for all Code3 pack vehicles.

Nothing new was added to the EUP this time around but soon I will be started on that again and we will have some things to bring to you all. For now, it's just vehicle updates! here are the pictures for the pack!

John D. 1A-03
Patch Update v2.0.2

Here is the second patch update since the release of TXDPSRP 2.0. There have been many changes done since the last patch update in many different areas of the server.

Patch Update v2.0.2

- Added the ability to view steam hex's on the player list instead of ping.
- added the ability to click the steam hex to copy it to your clipboard
- Fixed quote marks (") on commands.
- Pushed a fix for the new phone so you can receive calls.
- Disabled /tweet.
- Made twitter on the phone show in chat (same as how /tweet looked).
- Fixed liking tweets on 'top tweets' page on phone.
- Added verified badge to chat message.
- Made security vehicles spawnable anywhere.
- Disabled shooting in security vehicles during PT.
- Fixed camera on phone (messages & Twitter avatar).
- When switching characters it uses the last Twitter account you logged in to.
- Added fix for auto twitter login for character accounts.
- Added card swipe for some MRPD doors.
- Added radio requirement for DFD & LEO door locks.
- Twitter usernames can now only contain underscores, spaces, letters, and numbers.
- Made some improvements to CAD navigation on mobile.
- Added the web version of the in-game Twitter to the sidebar on Civilian CAD.
- Added Twitter Web Client (https://cad.txdps-rp.com/twitter/)
- Added retweets. - Added replies.
- Added tabs on profiles to see tweets/replies/likes/retweets.
- Added delete button for tweets you made (click reply to get to the specific tweet page then it'll show up).
- Added notifications.
- Redid the in-game UI for creating characters.
- Added login page to the Twitter web client.
- Username & password now work if the account is logged into at least once in-game.
- Fixed an issue that caused character creation to not work in-game since UI change.
- Made radio UI ordered by callsign.
- Added a fix for duplicate names on radio UI.
- Made /fix work in all LEO vehicle spawn zones.
- Added https://i.1a3.uk/1618436649.png to characters &...


After several months without newsletters, we finally got our minds together and worked diligently to get the May newsletter done & finalized. Just like the first newsletter of this year, we got tons of new information, updates, and some tips and tricks that you might've not known about with "2.0".

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John D. 1A-03
Patch Update v2.0.1

We've decided it would be a good idea to create some patch update logs for you guys to read through and in general find out what was changed on the DLC side of things, the backend team I believe will keep posting updates in our server-updates channel, but here you can find where I'll be posting changes. Without being said, here's a huge changelog from the day of 2.0 release.

Patch Fixes v2.0.1
- Reskinned the GTA Ambulance/Engine (gotta show some love to our AIs)
- Skinned the NForce pack from Redneck.
- Redid the handling lines of the nforce pack.
- Reskinned the GTA Prison Bus.
- Reskinned MRAP, Kawasaki, BMW, Gator, 2016 Silverado, basically reskinned all cars, do I really need to list them all? my fingers are killing me.
- Changed lighting pattern of the Dodge Challenger & Ford Mustang. (no more swing left & right making people confused where to go, I got confused myself.)
- Changed lighting/skinned the Redneck Ambulances.
- Skinned the 2016 F-150 & 2018 F-250.
- Skinned the police boats & editing handlings. (also fixed seats on the medium boat, still trying to fix seats on the large boat...don't scream at me pls)
- John Deere Gator Handling line has been updated
- Ford F550 Rollback tow truck handling has been updated
- All boats have received a Dallas Fire-Rescue livery
- Helicopter "polmav" now has all department liveries including a SWAT livery along with a Dallas Fire-Rescue one.
- Added a Blackhawk with a universal SWAT livery
- Added back the DPD Recruitment Livery for the Dodge Challenger.
- 18 Tahoe headlights from the nForce pack have now been fixed. (Before they were tinted now they are clear)
Added "/me <text>"
- Added "/lc <text>"
- Added "/dc <text>"
- Added back name colors via "/color"
- Added back "/die"
- Added back "/rockstar"
- Added the ability to use sub-department callsigns out of unions.
- Made text inputs support all main keyboard characters.
- Player list now properly shows character names.
- Units with panic...


2020. A year that was horrible for everyone in every way possible. A year that we thought was never going to end. A year that our resolutions didn’t get to be fully met due to the coronavirus. Everyone had to start working from home, going to school...not actually going to school, but online instead. You wake up, get dressed and ready for school or work, but then remember it’s all online. You sit down, at your computer doing school or work, but it’s hard to focus because of the distractions around your house. Your teacher or boss yells at you for not paying attention, but they don’t understand what goes on in your household. You try to tell them, but it’s hard for you to get their attention because you can’t just walk up to them and say your peace since it’s all virtual. This year was hard for all of us, but all that comes to an end. 2021 is hauling down your street zooming fast ready to take away 2020 and to be the replacement we all want. 2021 is going to be the year we all complete our resolutions and be in our most positive mindsets with a smile on our faces. Without being said, please enjoy our long-awaited, monthly newsletter.

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An Unexpected Weather Change

While we thought texas was not going to get snow this year due to everything that has happened in this world, and given the fact our weather app for the past weeks has kept saying it's going to be hot all December was pretty disappointing, well today...December 9th, all that has changed. Out of nowhere, Texas has been hit with snow and according to our weather app, this snowstorm has hit us well and we do not know when the snowstorm will end. Our predictions are that snow will be melted sometime by January, but no guarantees.

We wish everyone the best of luck during these times, stay safe out there! And make sure to be careful on the icy roads.

Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! This year we decided to try something different for this Thanksgiving announcement. Attached is a video made by George T. with ideas given to him by the Newsletter Team. Hope you all enjoy this Thanksgiving and have an amazing day!

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Man, this past couple of months have been flying by super quick, it's going to be summer before we know it. Here at the Article Writers Team, we hope everyone is doing well through these tough times some people may be going through, and hopefully, we can add a little bit of light to your days with this newsletter! This month's newsletter is quite a juicy one and we cannot wait for you guys to read this. Stay Safe everyone and have a happy may month!

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