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  1. tropicz

    My friend group's POV public complaints and I would like you guys to make any comments...

    I don't think having staff watch over every scene is a good thing. This is a Roleplay server. Cops are not invincible, shit happens. If staff watched over every scene then we would be controlling the RP which would not be fun and it would be how it is now with no roleplay because we would be...
  2. tropicz

    I think there has to be something done about Civilian roleplay and Priorities.

    -1 The proposed solution reminds me of the old Whitelist Civilian system we had years ago that died very quickly. This won't give incentives to stop doing things for RP like killing and high priority situations, it will stop all RP in general.
  3. tropicz

    Roleplay quality

    Unrealistic Driving was removed because people would report for the most idiotic shit and you cannot really define what Unrealistic Driving is to put in an example, speeds on and off-road are not and were never punished for on a server/staff side. Only departments would enforce that a while back...
  4. tropicz

    Emergency Services 'Features' (Radio's, 911, 311, Calls, Sign on/off)

    The pursuit would move to another radio to continue their pursuit. But if the pursuit stayed on channel 1 then they would use /311 which would play a noise to catch their attention and tell them where to go. But also dispatch is going to change so the endpoint would more than likely be the LEOs...
  5. tropicz

    Emergency Services 'Features' (Radio's, 911, 311, Calls, Sign on/off)

    You would have multiple routes to go, You have the /311 thing, but also any active calls should be moved to other radio channels where even that call can be and stay uninterrupted. That's why there is radios 4-10
  6. tropicz

    Emergency Services 'Features' (Radio's, 911, 311, Calls, Sign on/off)

    Emergency Services Radio Channels Emergency Services Calls (/911) A new /311 system Signing on/off duty
  7. tropicz

    Halloween Event

    -1 As everyone above said it is VDM. Also, this idea is from GTA Online.
  8. tropicz

    Halloween Event

    I like the idea for a zombie-type event/thing. I can say we are currently looking at 2 things that hopefully work. 1. https://github.com/Blumlaut/RottenV 2. https://github.com/Dislaik/zombieoutbreak
  9. tropicz

    Ralph S. 1K-03 - You will be missed very much...

    Rest in Peace, @Ralph S. 1K-03 #FuckCancer
  10. tropicz

    Custom twitter name upon character creation

    Custom twitters can be made. Just log out and then I’m pretty sure it’s like sign up or create Twitter or something. The Twitter you get automatically is by logging into your character which is the default so everyone has a Twitter.
  11. tropicz

    Information about our Staff Team

    Afternoon all, We've recently done a revamp with our staff team on who does what, and what guidelines our staff members are expected to follow. We choose to share this with the community as either you might be curious what we hold our staff members accountable to, or maybe you're interested in...
  12. tropicz

    Events Suggestion

    If someone would like to suggest an event for the event team, they can be suggested in a form like how you suggested this an the event team will take a look at it!
  13. tropicz

    Emergency Services Radio Channels

    So this is a bit confusing to understand at first, but once you understand it's either you hate or love it. So, I think that we merge all Emergency Services into 1 channel, radio frequency 1. Then channels 2-10 would be tac channels. 2-7 would be normal channels where when you use your radio it...
  14. tropicz

    Reviving and Respawning

    No, if there is no EMS the 911 calls would come in maybe a cop or 2 respond to "investigate" but really it is up to the player to respawn when they want, cops wouldn't send someone using a command anymore. The person would go as long as they are 'cleared' and they are not a part of any further...
  15. tropicz

    Reviving and Respawning

    Active Law Enforcement and EMS
  16. tropicz

    Reviving and Respawning

    Yeah, it could also be something to where if actual EMS is not on when that 5-minute timer ends and they can respawn that would be like Local/County EMS is taking them to the hospital.
  17. tropicz

    Reviving and Respawning

    Remove /respawn and replace it with something else I think that we should remove /respawn and replace it with a thing where you have to wait 5 minutes but press a button to respawn if needed when that time is over. There are a lot of reasons, some of the main ones being - Even though there is a...
  18. tropicz

    Ability for stringers to see police calls

    I like the suggestion! Maybe there could be a way for them to go to a location like the news building and 'sign on' as a stringer or news personnel - they won't get all the details for the calls like Law Enforcement does but maybe just the location of the call then they could go to it and record...
  19. tropicz

    Suggestions for the seatbelt

    Hello @Domestic I got wind of your suggestion and wanted to see what you were talking about - I did some testing in Law Enforcement Vehicles with speed boost to really go as fast as I can. I use Keyboard and Mouse. I tried it at the speeds 30, 40, 60, 100, 120, 130, and 170 and I was not able...
  20. tropicz

    Speedboost (Power & Torque)

    With the direction that we are moving, I think that it is time that we also start moving away from the needs and wants to use torque and power boosts for LEO. The ability to use it was removed from civilians a while ago, with the default and common speed of GTA vehicles only going a MAX of 125...