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  1. JRazz97

    Roleplay quality

    Unrealistic driving shouldn’t be brought back. Anyone can drive unrealistic in real life so no need to make it an offence here. Peacetime shouldn’t be brought back, yeah passive rp is wanted but gets boring waiting hours while people do the same rp scene. You shouldn’t be forced to wait 20 mins...
  2. JRazz97

    Teleport to each PD. ( /PD Sandy/LS )

    We’ll fix it lol. That’s the only way people do it
  3. JRazz97

    Teleport to each PD. ( /PD Sandy/LS )

    There needs to be a way to quickly change location. For example if I spawn in the ports and I want to go to Paleto or Sandy I dont really feel like driving, Not just me but others have agreed. The only way to do this is, constantly /die and respawning until you reach your wanted location. Been...
  4. JRazz97

    Ralph S. 1K-03 - You will be missed very much...

    Rest in peace Ralph. You will be dearly missed by all of us. I hope wherever you are, that you are happy and enjoying it ❤️
  5. JRazz97


    Maybe no one should have speed/torque boost. Only the speed enforcement unit can use it. Tjen it makes everything fair and legit
  6. JRazz97

    Remove Local cars.

    -1 AI makes everything more realistic. If you cant drive with the locals around then you must be ass at driving. Wear your seatbelt then you wont fly out your car. it makes it even more unfair to Civs if Ai is removed and there will only be like 3 cars on the highways and LEO can easily spot you