Ability for stringers to see police calls


I think there should be a way that stringers can see 911 calls, currently the only way for them to do so is going into the police cad and ive gotten mixed messages on whether thats allowed or not for non-leos, the reason I think stringers should have the ability to see 911 calls is because irl its very easy to get access to a police radio I could go on my phone right now and download like 6 of them, my idea is to have a separate cad called Stringers but the only thing they're able to see are the calls being placed, but im more than willing to listen to feedback on that idea, and change the suggestion

Add a stringer cad where they're able to see police calls


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I like the suggestion! Maybe there could be a way for them to go to a location like the news building and 'sign on' as a stringer or news personnel - they won't get all the details for the calls like Law Enforcement does but maybe just the location of the call then they could go to it and record from a distance.

Jenson D.

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irl its very easy to get access to a police radio
Yes, police radio not a list of active calls or a CAD/MDT. You can work out the calls from listening into the radio like you would have to IRL?

Mungo K. 1A-10

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Cool idea but would encourage interference in scenes. IRL even though they have access, stringers know not to get involved and sit on the sidelines and watch. Being in FiveM, people would get involved and start being problematic in scenes; I know this because we used to have it where stringers could sit in RTO way back when and they'd interfere when they heard calls or they'd start talking on radio. If you were to do it, you'd also have to make RTO only able to be listended to rather than talked in as well for the stringer.

Idea sounds good on paper but from experience it doesn't work.