Add a hunting rifle model


Adding a hunting rifle model would be more realistic than having to shoot medium game with marksman rifles or snipers which if I'm not mistaken normal players don't have access to.

My idea is to make people apply for a hunting license like they would for a department, then the Game Wardens would look through the application and accept or deny it. If accepted they would get access to the hunting rifle and get access to adding a hunting license to their character. This would hopefully reduce the amount of people using the rifle to kill other players, if that were to happen the player would immediately be removed from the hunting department and lose access to the rifle.

1. This would take awhile to add, between finding a model, adding the department/application, making the training, etc.

2. It might not get used very often since people don't usually go around doing hunting rp.

1. This would add a little more realism in terms of getting the license and to real world hunting.

2. This could possibly make people more aware of doing hunting rps increasing the amount of people doing them.

3. This would give Game Wardens a reason to patrol around Chiliad since if it were to work out people would be up in chiliad hunting.

Don't really expect this suggestion to be very popular between the complexity of adding it and not many people actually doing hunting rps, but I like the idea, and it would be cool to see it added.