Add K9 Liverys and Cars for K9 Units

Ryan.S 2V-25

New member
I think there should be designated cars and liveries that are for K9 Officers and their partners. In real life K9 Unit Officers have specialty cages for their Dogs. Some are full Cages which mean they can't transport suspects while others are half cages so they can transport their dog and a Suspect. I know that this would be a big ask but I really do think that would help designate the K9 units from other patrol vehicles and help bring more people to the unit or the Department itself.

Gene N.

I think this would be really cool. The other subdivisions (SWAT/Air/Marine/Speed/Motorbike) have their own vehicles and I think getting Rednecks K-9 pack, or at least some of the cars would be huge, and would help K-9 stand out like the other subdivisions. I'd understand from a financial standpoint why we may not be able to, but if we could that would be great