Adding Permanent Jail Times (And additional suggestion)

James Andrews

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I believe adding permanent jail times would significantly decrease the amount of cop baiting happening in the server whilst also increasing realism. This is because too many people use the same character constantly with the sole aim to get the most amount of arrests, introducing cop baiting and it is unrealistic to see people walking around with 20+ 1st degree murder charges, which is ridiculous and slightly plagues the immersion of the RP. By adding permanent jail times for people with an unrealistic amount of arrests, this would prevent those cop baiting to gain arrests as their drive to gain arrests through cop baiting will be gone, as they would only be allowed to get a certain amount of arrests before the character being jailed for life, and ensuring that arrest records stay realistic.

In short, the positives are:

- Significantly less cop-baiting.
- Realistic arrest records.
- Dissuading people from doing repetitive crime RP


- Loss of character name.
- Loss of character phone number.

As a possible counter suggestion rather than going from the 600 days capped jail time straight to permanent jail time, rather for such repeat offenders, the jail time cap slowly scales and saves when leaving a character (which i believe is being developed) which could scale for quite far, up to days at a time which would not limit a person's game-play on the server as they could simply switch to another character and RP as such character. This will also improve realism as when you jail someone for 600 days for multiple 1st degree murders and see them out of jail 10 minutes later, it does slightly break the immersion. I believe this 600 day cap should only be increased for repeat offenders on severe crimes making jail times realistic and not seeing characters for a while will help improve the RP. Whilst this may require some complicated developer work for the devs, with the addition of another developer recently, i believe this would not pose much of a challenge for our skilled developers.

TLDR ; permanent/increased jail time prevent cop baiting.

Feel free to dm me if you have questions.


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I quite like the motive behind the suggestion. I think that increasing jail times would work. But permanent would not. The only cons I see are the loss of character name and loss of character phone number. But I believe this is not something we would want to do as well. This would be Law Enforcement forcing other members/players in the community to do something they don't want to with their character (more or less identified as Force RP). While yes we want some aspects to be realistic this is not something that will benefit RP at all.

In the suggestion, you mentioned that this will discourage people from doing repetitive crime RP. I don't think that this will have any effect on that as they will just be able to go on another character and that character can do the same crime as well because adding this would also make it required for us to remove/change the combat logging rule because we cannot expect someone to sit in jail for a long period of time just to roleplay again.

Making things permanent for a character should be the player's choice. Not LEO and not staff. When I say "Making things permanent", this is solely in regards to the original suggestion of permanent jail times. If the person playing the character does not want their character to be a lifetime inmate we cannot force them to do that, the same thing goes with death, we cannot force someone to perma kill their character, it is the person playing the character's choice.

Instead of that, here's is a middle point:

I think jail times should be changed from Days (Seconds) to Months (Minutes). But the change should not happen so fast because of this, If someone gets jailed for 90 Months (90 Minutes), they shouldn't be in jail for that much time that is taking away the fun for them in the server. When someone is jailed they can get time reductions while in jail to send their jail time from an example of 90 Months to like 30-25 Months (30-25 Minutes) or maybe even less for doing things in the jail area in RP, this would obviously happen over time and not immediately, they would have to do the things and then they would get a slight reduction for completing the task. (Cleaning/Sweeping, Making Food, "Finding" items, etc...).

No matter how long a jail time is it should not be over 180 months (3 hours/180 minutes/10800 seconds) if they get jailed for whatever the new max jail time would be, they should only have to RP in the jail area for a max of 1 hour if they choose to do those rp things to get their jail time reduced for "good behavior" or "good rp skills".

If needed I can expand on my idea more but that is just the short explanation and reason on why this probably would not work well especially with our server being a public server.
Something that could go along with permanent jail times (if they were implemented), allow prisoners to be able to escape. This gives way for a new RP (prison break) and gives the person a way to still play as their character, although illegally. I would say to change how they would have to escape each time, such as randomly generated puzzles making it harder to get out each time.

Mungo K. 1A-10

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The whole idea of this sort of thing would be great and could lead to development within the prison roleplay scene where you could have actual work, actual prison break outs, actual guards performing roles and much more. The massive problem with this is that it will inevitably push people further away from the server if they get a 3 hour sentence and since we're not doing fantastic on numbers currently, I think we'd have to put this on hold until we had a healthy amount coming; summer would be a good opportunity for this.

Other than that, I think it would encourage people to take RP more seriously if they don't want to get punished. Overall, too early for now but in the future, +1