Jacob B2005

New member
To make it alittle more realistic etc, is it possible to make calls that you get attached through to only go through the cad system, and then whenever you get attached to the call you get a sound that plays that let's you know you got attached to something:)

Mungo K. 1A-10

Community Moderator
I'm not quite sure what you mean. When a call comes into the CAD system, everyone gets an alert because dispatch isn't always on to attach people to said call; if it didn't alert everyone then nobody would see the call. When you do get attached to a call, either by yourself or by dispatch, the call reappears and a sound alerts you to the attachment.

Where does your suggestion fall into this?

Jenson D.

Active member
I was already planning on adding this however after thinking about it more I'd have to distinguish if dispatch was active or not for this to work properly.