Cayo perico Island


I think it might be cool if the cayo perico dlc was added, I have no clue how hard it would be to implement but from a perspective of new rp I feel like it could open a lot more opportunities, especially for one of the most under utilized departments on the server FAA.

Members of FAA could transport people to and from the island making the FAA certs more valuable and possibly increasing usage and member count.

Some other rp opportunities:

Private militias (or security companies to hopefully comply with rules) could fight for control of the island.

There could be drug trafficking from cayo perico to the main island increasing usage of drug units.

Theres a possibility of people electing a leader of the island who's voted in, they can create laws of the island, (this will likely be pretty difficult to implement)

There are many more rp opportunities that I haven't thought about but I feel like adding the island could have a lot of benefits.
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