Civilian Applied



Hi, @Vato Scar

Once you have the Applied Civilian tag on our public discord server, please -sync your discord account with your steam account that you will be using in-game. The following are steps on how to sync your discord with your steam.

Discord Sync for In-Game
Step 1) Go to #commands.
Step 2) Open up steam and go to your profile.
Step 3) Right click somewhere and click Copy Page URL
Step 4) Open up your browser
Step 5) Go to https://steamidfinder.com/
Step 6) In the box, paste in the URL you just copied on Step 3.
Step 7) Click Get SteamId Step 8) Where you see, steamID64, copy the ID right next to it. Example ID: 76561198188281011
Step 9) Now, once you have that copied, create a new tab and type https://txdps-rp.com/dectohex Step 10) Paste in the ID you copied in the first box, then click convert.
Step 11) Copy the hex in the Box and go back to #commands
Step 12) In #commands do -sync steam: then after the steam: paste in the hex you copied.
Step 13) You should see something like this https://i.txdps-rp.com/1538957638.png
Step 14) Yay.. You have your Discord Synced with In-Game!