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Use Windows for my new SSD or keep it for Games?

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This is copy pasted from the discord message I sent not too long ago in the discord. I was wondering what some other people thing about the idea?

Can someone experienced possibly give me advice for an SSD? I’m getting a 240gb SSD for Christmas tomorrow and I was wondering if it’s worth it to:
A. Remove a bunch of files on (1tb) HDD and clone to SSD, set boot drive to SSD in bios
B. Unplug HDD and other SSD, boot from windows installation disk, install on SSD, install all drivers, plug in other drives, re-install applications.
That is for transferring my windows boot drive to my SSD. But my main question is should I use the new SSD for games or for the windows boot drive? And answer which option would be best. A or B?

Please please please please please leave your feedback in the description i want to read your reasoning.

Ali Womble

New member
Personally my PC is being Limited By my Hard Drive so i say Put your Boot Process and Frequent Games you Play on it

I Would Recommend a Larger Capacity tho

Edit: Me Personally because running your desktop and Waiting the Extra 5 Minutes for Start up would be worth it if the High End Games don't lock up your Drive so i say put the Games on there

Also you can't Cone a 1 TB Drive to a Smaller 240 GB Drive not enough Capacity i say put your Boot GTA/FiveM with Mods and Games you play Frequently
PS: you don't need to put everything on it just the Important Things you need
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