Detailed Introduction ~1A3

Jenson D.

Active member
Who are you?
Hello, I'm 1A3. I'm an 18 year old male from Britain who likes things technology related.

What are you on TXDPSRP?
As you would likely know from my roles I am a Developer and System Administrator.

What is a System Administrator?
As a system administrator I manage all the servers we use (alongside Ice) to ensure everything is working as intended from things such as the discord bot to the websites, FiveM servers and databases.

What development things have you done?
A lot of the development things I have done are in server-updates (on the discord server) but I'll list some of the main stuff here:
- The discord bot used for the sync system, in-game punishment management and more.
- Discord rank sync system.
- Some scripts you may see when loading into the server including txdpschat & txdpscmds.
- Punishment system (originally es_admin2 but re-coded by me to add extra features).
- Most public scripts we use have been modified by me & Ice with our own changes, feature additions and bug fixes.
- Scheduled auto-restarts.
- New cad system (coming soon - no eta currently).

To report any bugs you find Click Here. If you have any questions for me feel free to reply below or dm me them on discord.