Emergency Services Radio Channels


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So this is a bit confusing to understand at first, but once you understand it's either you hate or love it.

So, I think that we merge all Emergency Services into 1 channel, radio frequency 1. Then channels 2-10 would be tac channels. 2-7 would be normal channels where when you use your radio it puts your hand on your radio then 8-10 would be more of like undercover op channels where your hand does not go on your radio if you use it so it is like an earpiece.

What would this do?
Implementing this would give everyone calls so EMS can see what LEO Calls are coming in to know if they should get ready to go when requested, but would also let LEO know what EMS is responding to so that way LEO can respond if needed.

It will aid in swiftness in responses when calling for EMS as LEOs will not have to switch between channels to transmit.

Another thing that may have to happen:
There may have to be something implemented for radio traffic to still happen. A good example would be NoPixel's /311 system - when someone /311's it pops up into everyone that is on duty in any of the Emergency Service Frequencies. This could be useful because officers can communicate with each other if needed when the radio is packed or between channels. Civilians can use it for non-emergency asks, calls, questions, anything. There should also be a way to respond to them from Emergency Services to Civilians.

that is a quick explanation without there being too much thought to it.


Add a keybind to switch radio channels as well for ease of switching channels.

Luke H

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I like this idea, makes things quick and not confusing. I'd like to see tac channels get used on priorities so that units that aren't currently attached could still call out their 10-11's and non-priority traffic too. There would have to be a whole process that I can't even begin to comprehend but sounds good to me.
I'm all for something like this.
Even if we left it at Radio 2 for primary RTO and the rest for TAC & undercover ops to leave Channel 1 for direct radio comms ("Can you 10-1, Channel 1?" type of thing).

Like Luke said as well, it would allow unattached LEO to continue RP with calling things out and so on.