Enable Trains


A good suggestion, but there are a few flaws with the only way to implement it. First flaw being that, if trains were to be implemented would be removed in a few months anyway, as FiveM doesn't allow trains to be spawned on the server side (well we can spawn them, but we can't give the train any logic).

Another one being de-sync, the more networked entities on the server at anytime can contribute to the de-sync, This is why other GTA V multiplayer frameworks don't have NPCS, having a few trains constantly loaded moving through the map is going to add on to that load, while the load is going to be minor compared to other things like the VoIP, Tested this ingame and all it increased the network load by about 20bytes per second so basically nothing

Probably one of the biggest flaws is modders can not only spawn in the train models (as we would need to allow the model in order for the trains to function), but for the modders that are smart (not the ones that fail to inject their modmenu while driving) could control the train entity(s) and make them do anything they can do with a normal entity (delete it, teleport it around, etc). Fixed

But with most of these flaws at least they're aren't a massive issue and some can be fixed while others (like the last flaw) staff are able to deal with.
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