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Colour = British English
Color = American English

The first British colony was established in Jamestown in 1607 when British colonists brought their language and traditions to now modern day America. However, by the early 18 century, most of the colonisers realised that their language wasn't as similar as it was to their homeland across the pond; this is because of cultural influenced from native Americans and European immigrants.

The etymology of the word "color" is derived from the Anglo-French "culur" or "coulour" and this was adapated in the 15th century which then was used in the Americas from the 18th century onwards.

However, both words were developed around the same time from the French (latin roots) and thus no one word is better than the other. It is region dependent and any claim that one is better than the other is like saying "level" spelt backwards is better than "level" spelt forwards.

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