Happy Story

So this morning around 2am I gathered a few random people I thought would be great for this job I was planning! I thought to myself.. let’s kidnap a cop steel his radio and force the department to give us 1000000 dollars in cash as well as a boat to get away on!

We sat on the bridge in the where abouts of marker 327, we waited and waited until bam, the cops arrived, it tuned into a gunfight for about 5 - 10 minutes! Keep in mind we were acting as if we were apart of Russia. We knew we were screwed so what we did was amazing!

We deciding to drive into the middle of the bridge running as many cops over as we could. Well we only got 1 while screaming MOTHER RUSSIA! But after that the police did their job great and that was one of the best rp situations I’ve been in. They also seemed to enjoy it!


That's awesome! Keep in mind, you may only drive boats if an active Texas State Game Warden is on, if not you may not drive a boat.