Heading into the future...


Community Executive
Morning Everyone,

Before getting started with this, I want to say we’ve been a public server since January 2018, and it has been one heck of a ride. We’ve had so many ups and downs, sadness and happiness, good times and bad times...That part of a community won’t change, but a bigger part will be changing.

This coming Wednesday, July 21st, we will be going into a “Semi-Public” stage where the server will be “allowlisted”, and the only way to join the server is either by being in a department, or answering 3-4 questions and receiving the “Allowlisted” role, but! Be careful with this role, as if you get punished, you get the role taken away and will have to re-apply. The only limit of applications is that once you put one in, you have to wait 7 days in order to submit another one. That’s it!

Allowlisted Applications: #allowlist-applications in the Discord Server.

We hope you enjoy this change and will continue to make beautiful roleplay scenarios. oh btw, there are still many, many changes coming to TX, it never ends. If you think at some point we stop, well newsflash...we don’t stop.

Have a fantastic rest of your day/weekend!