I dont know how to title this. WHY

So we were all warned for military and something else which was stupid because someone.
im not trying to sound mean and im not going to say names

1. so i got break check and the guy ask me to pull over and then my friends drove by and want to help me and they wanted to kidnap him. they join in 2 people had pistol and 2 AR's
from trying to rob the bank( then person got mad about it)

2. after all that the staff talk to us and stuff like that. we all got warned but for what we were warn for what kinda stupid
2.5 my friend said merryweather. but i did not say it nor my other friend. yes my one friend kinda did look military. but all i had was a jacket and vest. plus mask
3 then the staff said my Civ for lying which i was not lying. i did not say i kill him with a pistol( i told them my friends did and thats what makes me mad the most)
good night folks :) and Merry Christmas
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This post partially confuses me, but I think I can understand some chunks. Secondly, I don't know what you're trying to get from this post. If you're trying to state that the staff member was wrong and wrongly accused you and you want your warn to be taken off, unfortunately, we can't do that. However, what you can do is appeal the warning. You can also make a staff report on the forums. If you need anything else, please PM me via Discord @ Luke R.#9999.

Luke R.

FiveM Appeal (for warn): https://forums.txdps-rp.com/form/fivem-appeal.11/select
Staff Report: https://forums.txdps-rp.com/form/staff-report.9/select

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As a Moderator who was present during the sit, if you would like me to, I can go over some of the points I made when requested by another moderator to assist with the sit.

- First of all, you and three of your buddies were all dressed as Merryweather Security, and were all militarized with automatic rifles, etc. Merry Weather Roleplay is banned from our server for the exact reason of Militaristic uniforms, firearms, and actions.

- Second, the Junior Moderator that requested me to help him with the sit stated that one of the four of you made the claim that you killed someone with a pistol, but when reviewed in death logs, it stated that you killed them with a carbine rifle which is where the "Lying to Staff" came from.

- Third, you were warned for the action which is used for future punishments and review by other staff members at TXDPSRP. A maximum of 5 warnings will result in a permanent ban from the server. You can appeal a warn at anytime, by visiting our FiveM Appeal, as Luke linked in his post above.

In my opinion, the sit was justified but that is just my opinion and is not pure fact. Sometimes mistakes happen or our judgment isn't the best, so if you do feel that our judgment wasn't the best, I do apologize on my behalf for that. I was purely going off the facts given to me by the other staff members, but I am not the one who assigned you any of the warnings or punishments. If you would like to submit a staff report, as linked above in Luke's post, you may do so. The staff members involved in that situation were.

Administrator Stingrqy
Junior Moderator Coke.
Junior Moderator Daniel W.

If you have any questions about the way I handled the situation, you may direct message me on Discord: LilWill_OG#2003 or send me an email, [email protected].

Thank you for your cooperation, and have a wonderful evening. :)
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