I think there has to be something done about Civilian roleplay and Priorities.

Jason Bean

This post has no intended hate or drama so please don't take this discussion the wrong way.

I have been around in the community since late 2019 around December.
and the Civilian roleplay 'quality' has varied from being a 60-second interaction with someone to an In-depth planned-out scene that has lasted at least 30 minutes and has at least some meaning behind it. But 99% of the time it is just a 60-second interaction or quick scene without any planning whatsoever behind it. For example, 10-80's (Pursuits) happen for next to no reason because there's no punishment or downside for doing a 10-80 and therefore people can do as many 10-80's as they want for simply passing a stop sign or a simple citation.
And that's without mentioning how a 'Priority' is most of the time 'Gang RP' (An excuse for RDM) or just random shooting or killings without reason. Where the Civilians character is in 100% perfect health but commits all these crimes and shootings for no reason behind them. (No Mental Health problems with their character etc).

My proposed 'Solution'

Have some sort of civilian regulations or structure, same as how LEO have set SOP's/rules so that civs can have a set of guidelines to follow.

Now for how a 'Priority' works, some sort of ranking for Civilians perhaps starting at Probationary Civilian which would mean no violent RP, no using guns and weapons, etc and can only attack in self-defense. For example, after Probie have Civilian 1+ etc where you can have 2+ 'Priority' points and a 10-80 could be 2 points, Murder being 3 points (To not incentivize killings) and perhaps an additional point loss for barricaded situations (bank robberies, Hostages, etc) and to require some sort of approval from Staff for barricaded situations/large scenes providing the scene makes sense for the characters doing it. This would in theory help decrease the number of pointless priorities that happen without reason or backstory. And after a set period of time 2 weeks for example they could be set back to the ranks given number.

I thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion and as I stated at the start this has no intent to cause drama or hate but to serve as a Discussion. any questions or problems feel free to DM me here.


Community Executive

The proposed solution reminds me of the old Whitelist Civilian system we had years ago that died very quickly. This won't give incentives to stop doing things for RP like killing and high priority situations, it will stop all RP in general.


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I have taken it the wrong way and now I hate you. Please never talk to me again or any of my alt accounts...Have a bad day!