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I've posted this in a thread for a member who needed help finding some commands that may be useful in-game. This list has been updated for the recent release of 2.0. If I missed an important command, please pm me on discord.


/ooc [message] - This displays a message to all players. Use this to ask something Out Of Character (OOC).
/me, /dc, /lc - /me, Donator Chat, Local Chat.
/hu - This puts your hands up, typing it again will put them down.
/huk - This puts your hands up and get on your knees, typing it again will reverse the effects.
/eng - This turns on and off your vehicle's engine.
/jail [id] [time] - This jails civilians for crimes (applied members only, community officers refer to #faq in the discord).
/hospital [id] [time] - This command will put an injured person(s) to the hospital.
/911 <police|fire> [call reason] - This creates a 911 call that is linked to the new CAD. [To add more info to a call just say in chat since there is no other way currently].
/report [id] [reason] - This allows you to report a member to staff.
/req [message] - This lets you contact online staff and should be used for any staff-related questions or concerns you might have.
/dv - This deletes the vehicle you are currently inside of.
/e c - This stops any emotes you are currently doing from the F5 menu.
/die - Pretty self-explanatory, this kills you.
/msg [id] [text] - This lets you privately message a player.
/r [text] - Reply to whoever you last messaged.
/rp - Removes the current prop you are holding.
/rockstar - Will force exit the game and enter rockstar editor.
/revive - This lets you respawn in the same location but has a delay.
/respawn - This lets you instantly respawn at a random location on the map.
/onduty - This puts you into a Community Officer uniform and radio 2. Read #faq in the discord to become a Community Officer!
/offduty - Takes you out of radio and puts you into a random ped.
/radio <1 - 100> - Will let you into any of the selected radio frequencies (1 - 11 are reserved).
/radiovolume <1 - 200> - Changes the volume of radio transmissions (only for you). <also can left & right-click the center knob of the radio UI via /radio.>
/playervolume [id] <1 - 200> - Change the volume of a player (only for you).
/radioui - Toggles the UI that shows all players currently in your radiofrequency.
/radioui move - Let's you move the radio UI to anywhere you want.
/showid - This shows your character's ID, useful on a traffic stop.
/character - This takes you up to the clouds where you can change which character you are playing as.
/mdt - This brings up the in-game MDT (only for police).
/garage - Opens the garage UI to spawn vehicles (only for police).
/anpr - shows or hides anpr messages.
/staff - This tells you which staff members are currently in-game.
/map - This changes the minimap between a square and circle (only shown when in a vehicle).
/ad [business] - Send out an advertisement for specific businesses.
/prefix - Changes the department or tag over your head. Find the list by doing /prefix list.
/color - Changes the color of your name in-game for donators & staff.
/notes - Opens a UI where you can write a custom note.
/txfm - Plays music operated by TXDPSRP's radio channel, adjust the volume through GTA's audio setting.
/checksb <id> - Checks the seatbelt of a player.
/bagoff - Takes off/on your backpack/bag.


In order to find extra keybindings or to change some, go to
Settings > Keybindings > FiveM [player-list included]

F1 - When pressed, VMenu will open. Here you can configure your peds, vehicles, etc.
N - The default keybinding for PTT (Push To Talk) and can be changed under the FiveM keybindings.
Y - This keybind will bring up your in-game phone used to call 911 (if dispatch is on) and text friends.
CTRL + E - This when pressed together will cuff or uncuff the nearest person.
CTRL + M - When pressed together and you are in an emergency vehicle, your radar will pop up.
SHIFT + E - When pressed together, you will push the nearest vehicle.
SPACE + E - Tackles whatever that's infront of you.
K - Holding K will bring up a clothing menu you can use to remove and put on clothes.
K - Pressing K whilst in a vehicle will apply the seatbelt to you.
F6 - when pressed you will enter a ragdoll state, press F6 again to reverse the effect. This will additionally turn on or off your vehicle if seated in the driver's seat.
F11 - When pressed whilst driving, you will automatically drive at the speed limit of the road you are on.
F7 - when pressed, you will open a menu that allows LEO, Fire/EMS, and Civilians easier access to some of the above commands.
Q - when inside of an emergency vehicle, the emergency lights will turn on or off.
Left ALT - when inside of an emergency vehicle, the sirens will turn on or off.
Left SHIFT - when inside of an emergency vehicle you will bring up your in-game MDT. Does the same as /MDT.
T - Opens the chatbox to message others in-game or type out commands.
TAB - pressing TAB while in the chatbox will switch what state you are typing, whether it's /me, donator, or even local.
-, =, backspace - These are the default keybindings for the turn signals whilst driving a vehicle.
DELETE - Will show all previous and current server & LEO notifications.

~How to set finger point controls~

F1 > Misc > Keybindings > Fingerpoint Controls > Check the box

any questions please direct message me on discord.
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