Guide List of Props

Luke H

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This is possibly an incomplete list, if you find one that is not on this list please either DM me or reply to this thread.

All props can be placed by pressing E.
All props can be deleted by doing /rp.

/trolley (mechanic toolbox)
/trolley2 (cleaning cart)
/table2 (chair)
/bonnet (car hood)
/hoist (engine hoist)
/ball (soccer ball) (haha #usa)
/gcase (gun case)
/lappy (laptop)
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Luke H

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a ladder prop would be good for a builder/ home owner working on the roof of the house
The thing about props is, we can't just make a prop. If you found a mod that's FiveM compatible, I encourage you to make a suggestion to add it. This thread is merely a list of props that we currently have in-game.