Lockdown is finally over.. We are FREE!


Community Executive
Finally, the lockdown period is over and the rebrand of TXDPSRP is here! We’ve come a long way in the community, with the same sort of “style” we’ve had since the beginning. Well, today that changes. Our Logo is now rebranded to “TX” and the forums have gotten a massive upgrade thanks to BenjDesigns and our development team for finalizing the touches.

As you probably already saw, the infamous “rank bug” was a myth. We’ve redrafted the way our staff structure works. TX has had the same structure for our staff team for a very long time. This structure has had its ups and downs, but now we feel that it's time for a change.

Our main concerns for the current staff team structure were centered around the assessment of the differences between the current staff positions. Due to the implementation of sub-teams, we felt that certain positions generally felt the same, as they carried very little difference in their permissions and responsibilities (such as Junior Moderators + Moderators).

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the revamped staff team structure. Each position will have different goals, responsibilities, duties, and requirements to meet.

Community Executive:
Community Executive(s) are responsible for overseeing all community and staff team operations and decisions. This group of people will ensure that the community and staff team runs smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly, professionally. While their main priority is to uphold superb activity and supervise the community and staff team, these people will also be expected to maintain direct communication with the Director.

Community Administrator:
Community Administrator(s) will serve as the backbone for moderation. Their primary focus is to guide their fellow staff members to their success in their position. These people are expected to uphold superb activity and be able to communicate with the Community Executives about any situations that they come across.

Community Moderator:
Community Moderator(s) are the front-line personnel within the community. These people are expected to uphold superb activity; moderate with professionalism, efficiency, integrity, and honesty; and most importantly, help those who need assistance within the community.

Trainee(s) are the prospects of the Community Moderators. While these people are expected to be very active within the community, their main objective is to learn all aspects of moderation. By working hand-in-hand with a mentor, they will be able to identify their learning needs, set learning objectives, and reflect on their performance and development as a learner. At the end of their trainee phase (if they have met all the necessary requirements), they will be able to take on the Community Moderator position.