Longer jail times and worse punishments


So currently jail times are pretty low for fairly serious crimes.

If the jail times were longer this might help deter people from doing so many crimes, and if they would get longer sentences for having a prior record, this wouldn't stop it by any means but it could help deter people from stacking charges until they're up to 50 arrests. I also think that the crimes should hold more weight, for example if you have a felony they shouldn't be able to add a weapons license to their character, it should also display that they're a felon somewhere on the cad or mdt system so officers can easily identify it you could then click on the word felony and it will pull up the list of felony's they have like you can do with arrests, citations etc.

There was more I wanted to add to this but I can't remember the rest so this is all I have for now.

Mungo K. 1A-10

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Longer jail times + public server = decrease in members who don't want to wait. Would work on whitelist, not here. Moreover, if you have a long jail time, the only way it would work is if you could do something at the prison; ie: labour, working out, etc. There are no activities at a prison.

Having a little red alert over a persons name if they're a felon would be pretty useful but the other quick way is to open your eyes and look at the arrests section to see if they have a felony. Just a thought.

Good ideas with some good explanation but a failure to bring a holistic view to the debate. Nonethless, very interesting ideas!