Make it so you can contact a 911 caller


There should be a way for Leo to get into contact with a 911 caller I say this because sometimes people don't give very good information and sometimes they aren't very descriptive about their location so being able to contact them could help in locating them or getting more information before arriving.

Also an idea from GW-49
Whenever an officer links to a call through the mdt it should tell the caller that the officer is on the way this would decrease the chance of people giving up on waiting for police to get to a call because they think they aren't on the way and it would make it so officers link themselves to calls more often.


Dispatch can get in touch with 911 callers, so you can do this when Dispatch is active for the first suggestion.

I like the idea of the second suggestion.
The problem with only dispatch being able to is they aren't usually on and if they are on its not for very long
The second one is the main one to me, gets old going to a 911 call from one side to the other and people just 22 it after you get there because they don’t believe someone is coming.