Need help Joining the Server


Hello, So This just recently started. This error Pops up saying "couldnt load resource txdpsfiremap" and It just happends on this server. I have deleted the cache dll thing and have turned off my virius protection to see if that fixed it. I can join other server. Can Anyone help me?
Hello, I'm sorry i'm not sure wants wrong. Make share you have steam open before opening and make sure that if it does fail to restart it and try again. Thanks


Community Executive
Hello Connortwos!

When getting the error "Couldn't Load resource txdpsfiremap" that most likely means that the script was updated or changed. Once the server restarts it should be fixed. I would suggest trying to join the server again and if you get the same error or another error, make a Bug Report https://forums.txdps-rp.com/form/bug-report.10/select .