Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - January 1st, 2021


Community Executive

2020. A year that was horrible for everyone in every way possible. A year that we thought was never going to end. A year that our resolutions didn’t get to be fully met due to the coronavirus. Everyone had to start working from home, going to school...not actually going to school, but online instead. You wake up, get dressed and ready for school or work, but then remember it’s all online. You sit down, at your computer doing school or work, but it’s hard to focus because of the distractions around your house. Your teacher or boss yells at you for not paying attention, but they don’t understand what goes on in your household. You try to tell them, but it’s hard for you to get their attention because you can’t just walk up to them and say your peace since it’s all virtual. This year was hard for all of us, but all that comes to an end. 2021 is hauling down your street zooming fast ready to take away 2020 and to be the replacement we all want. 2021 is going to be the year we all complete our resolutions and be in our most positive mindsets with a smile on our faces. Without being said, please enjoy our long-awaited, monthly newsletter.

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Daniel Mack

Absolutely amazing work on the newsletter, hope you all have a great new years. Looking forward to the future updates and to see what is coming to TXDPSRP in the future!