Passive RP Community Events

Hello fellow members, hope all is well!

Today I'd like to bring a suggestion to the table that will involve potentially the entire community, or members who are active on the server, with passive RP.

Before I get started, I'll explain what passive RP is, in short for those who may not know or be familiar with what that is;
Passive Roleplay (RP) is where you go about doing roleplay that usually doesn't involve violence, shootings, and the similar. A quick example would be: taking an off-road motorcycle and exploring the dirt trails throughout the map, or even Mount Chiliad.

Now, onto my suggestion:

I'd love to see events, maybe Bi-Weekly on the weekends, at Tequi-La-La, alternating genres of music for each event so that everyone can partake and enjoy themselves, for example 1 weekend's event could be 80's dance, the next time rock, alternative, remixes and so on. This event could be an hour or 2 long, and not all day/night long.

Another event, that I feel that could be highly attended is a fishing tournament, or golf tournaments, or even a jet ski competition (seeing as there's a course set up just offshore at Vespucci Beach). These could be monthly or bi monthly rather then more frequently.

Pros of these suggestions:
  1. Involves everyone
  2. Promotes peaceful interaction and forms connections
  3. Allows the players characters to get to know each other
  4. Gives LEO a much needed break
Cons of these suggestions:
  1. May lag some players due to the amount of people in one area
  2. May take some time to kick off the event start

Feel free to comment possible cons as well, and thank you ALL, for being a part of TXDPSRP and taking some time out of your day to read this!