Patch Update v2.0.1

John D. 1A-03

Community Admin
We've decided it would be a good idea to create some patch update logs for you guys to read through and in general find out what was changed on the DLC side of things, the backend team I believe will keep posting updates in our server-updates channel, but here you can find where I'll be posting changes. Without being said, here's a huge changelog from the day of 2.0 release.

Patch Fixes v2.0.1
- Reskinned the GTA Ambulance/Engine (gotta show some love to our AIs)
- Skinned the NForce pack from Redneck.
- Redid the handling lines of the nforce pack.
- Reskinned the GTA Prison Bus.
- Reskinned MRAP, Kawasaki, BMW, Gator, 2016 Silverado, basically reskinned all cars, do I really need to list them all? my fingers are killing me.
- Changed lighting pattern of the Dodge Challenger & Ford Mustang. (no more swing left & right making people confused where to go, I got confused myself.)
- Changed lighting/skinned the Redneck Ambulances.
- Skinned the 2016 F-150 & 2018 F-250.
- Skinned the police boats & editing handlings. (also fixed seats on the medium boat, still trying to fix seats on the large boat...don't scream at me pls)
- John Deere Gator Handling line has been updated
- Ford F550 Rollback tow truck handling has been updated
- All boats have received a Dallas Fire-Rescue livery
- Helicopter "polmav" now has all department liveries including a SWAT livery along with a Dallas Fire-Rescue one.
- Added a Blackhawk with a universal SWAT livery
- Added back the DPD Recruitment Livery for the Dodge Challenger.
- 18 Tahoe headlights from the nForce pack have now been fixed. (Before they were tinted now they are clear)
Added "/me <text>"
- Added "/lc <text>"
- Added "/dc <text>"
- Added back name colors via "/color"
- Added back "/die"
- Added back "/rockstar"
- Added the ability to use sub-department callsigns out of unions.
- Made text inputs support all main keyboard characters.
- Player list now properly shows character names.
- Units with panic buttons enabled now stay shown as red when dispatch cad is refreshed.
- Fixed a bug where the /prefix above your head wouldn't persist after reconnecting.
- Updated call UI, 911 calls have a blue background and when you are attached it has a green background e.g. https://i.1a3.uk/1616960614.png
- fixed some more bugs that my brain can't comprehend.

I probably missed some things, but for the next patch update I'll be sure to list everything I've changed!

John D. 1A-03

Community Admin
Additions to Patch Update v2.0.1

- Added the following vehicles to the "/sv" command:
Polmav: #33
Fireburb: #34
Firetahoe: #35
16fire: #36
Ambulance: #37
Firetruk: #38
Blackhawk: #39
F550cskeeter6: #40
F550CWR: #41
F550csquad: #42

- Added an updated version of the "polmav"
- Introducing Shadow Security as the new "Gruppe Sechs". The Nitro booster pack has received the new Shadow Security Liveries.
- Added a "2018 Ford F550 Crew Cab Water Rescue"
- Added a "2018 F550 Crew Cab Squad"
- Added a "2018 F550 Crew Cab Skeeter 6x6"
- Added a "2020 Chevy Tahoe Multi-Function Command SUV"
- Added a "2016 Ford Explorer Multi-Function Command SUV"
- Added a "2019 Chevy Suburban Multi-Function Command SUV"
- Fixed the issue where some people couldn't see certain vehicles.