Patch Update v2.0.5

John D. 1A-03

Community Admin
Patch Update v2.0.5 includes changes to BOTH EUP & Vehicles. We had some bugs on the vehicles and then additions to the EUP. Let's get to it!
  1. All Law Enforcement vehicle liveries were downgraded from 4k textures down to 2k due to the server being overloaded.
  2. Added Multiple duty belts for Law Enforcement to use. It includes:
    1. A minimal/low profile duty belt
      1. And many more versions of the duty belt
  3. Added an Under Armour long sleeve shirt with Police, State Trooper, and Sherrif markings.
  4. Added 2 new Earpieces
  5. Added a custom headset for SWAT
  6. Added 2 SWAT belts with bags/pouches on the side
    1. Fixed a bug where one of the pouches was showing up purple
  7. Added a hoodie for everyone to use
  8. Added a long sleeve Under Armour shirt
  9. Added short sleeve Under Armour shirt
  10. Added New SCBA Gear [MSA G1 SCBA]
  11. Added Medic Backpack [Rush 72]
  12. Added Motorolla APX Radio Strap for DFR
  13. Added Multiple radio & bodycam options/combinations
    1. Around back over the right shoulder with bodycam
    2. over the left shoulder with bodycam
    3. under left arm to chest with bodycam
    4. Under left arm to shoulder with bodycam
    5. Around back over right shoulder [radio]
    6. over left shoulder [radio]
    7. under left arm to the chest [radio]
    8. under left arm to left shoulder [radio]
  14. Added multiple vests, including but not limited to (i forgot/don' know how to describe them):
    1. SWAT heavy Duty vest
    2. Minimal Plate carrier
    3. Plate carrier with multiple equipment things/glove
    4. Plate carrier with a medical pouch for SWAT Medic.
  15. Added a new pair of combat boots by Code5Mods
  16. Fixed the trunk text being crooked on the TST Livery of the Crown Vic from the Whelen pack
  17. Made the sidecar numbers black on the DCSO Livery of the Crown Vic from the Whelen pack
  18. Made the sheriff star bigger on DCSO livery for the Crown Vic from the Whelen pack
  19. Fixed the trunk stuff for the DCSO Livery of the 16 Explorer from the Code 3 Pack
  20. MDT no longer shows up when pressing left shift whilst entering/exiting a vehicle.
  21. Made MDT show department name and logo for applied members.
  22. Removed Sandy Shores 'rebel radio' interior.
  23. TX FM is now sponsored by 'Rockford records' and is now based at their new building next to life invader.
  24. If you didn't know, you can listen to TX FM anywhere in-game by doing /txfm (change the volume using the 'music volume' in GTA audio settings)
  25. Added /tweet which tweets from your last logged into Twitter account (on the phone).
  26. Made images tweeted from web client not show in chat.
  27. Made web client still show in chat even if you aren't in-game.
  28. Added police and fire/ems to 'favorite' contacts ( https://i.1a3.uk/1622656382.png )
  29. Re-designed Civilian CAD (make sure to report any issues on the bug report)
  30. Added confirmation for deleting permits.
  31. Fixed a missing check for vehicle notes which caused an uncaught error when setting notes with non-default keyboard characters.
  32. Made phone inaccessible when dead (haven't tested calls when it closes tho but will fix tomorrow if I find any issues)
  33. Added C3 & Whelen vehicles to LEO blacklist.
  34. Fixed adding reports via MDT (apparently, it broke when I added the "auto jail time and fine calculation")
  35. Fixed a bug where torque and power worked for all vehicles.
A pretty good amount of changes this time around. I will continue to improve on current skins that are already out through the weeks to make them more realistic. Next, I think I will focus on some FD/Civ things I think. I got a pretty good update for LEO's this time around so I need to make sure I give other areas some love too. After that, I think im going to move into the rest of the vests that haven't been textured ( like 1 or 5 that still say LSPD ) then likely badges. Well, this is it for the patch notes this time around, I hope you all enjoy and have a great day! now get on and RP!