Patch Update v2.0.6

John D. 1A-03

Community Admin
Ok it's late yes I know but here is Patch Update v2.0.6! Here we have some updates to some vehicles and more EUP things for you guys to enjoy. So let's get to it.

- Fixed the "Texas Game Warden" text on the trunk of the Ford F150 from the Whelen pack (It was too low and it caused stretching from a certain angle).
- Re-skinned the in-game stockade for Shadow Security instead of Gruppe6.
Note: it spawns in with the colors White & Green. The recommended colors are as following, Primary: Metallic Rolled steel & Secondary: Metallic Black.
- Removed the Sig Saur P320(combat pistol replace) due to it being poorly optimized and taking too much memory things. (it was eating everything up.)
- Added a backpack for civilians to use for males.
- Added a new cowboy hat for males.
- Added a pair of crocs for males(multiple colors available).
- Added a sagged pair of jeans for males.
- Added new Safariland Leg Holster for males.
- Added a white FAA BDU Shirt for males.
- Added a texture to the raincoat for Fire Department for males.
- Created proper textures for a T-shirt that had some LEO textures for males.
Textures include TST, DPD, DCSO, & DFR and the rest of the textures are just random colors I put together.
- Tinted some of the Code3 Pack vehicles to 60 Percent.
- Decreased the tint to 60 percent on some of the Whelen Pack vehicles.
- Downgraded the Shadow Security car pack liveries down to 2k instead of 4k.
- Added a few hairstyles for people to use.
- Made TX FM in-game pause when the volume is less than 1%.
- Added redesigned /garage menu.
- Added redesigned loading screen (sponsored by TX FM).
- Added redesigned radio UI. - Added redesigned notifications (DELETE to open, C to clear).
- Added redesigned CAD theme.
- Added dark (old) theme to change theme button on the settings page.
- Added server ids to radio UI.
- Made dispatch and speaking colors on server-id rather than callsign.
- Recoloured radio UI to be the same as garage menu.
- Radio UI now saves the position on your screen after using /radioui move.
- Added /reset_radioui_data to reset radio ui location back to default.
- Fixed a bug where you could create duplicate plates using different capitalization (now all vehicle plates are capitalized like they were supposed to be)
- Added server name to loading screen.
- Made MDT semi-transparent.
- Fixed right column max-height on MDT (sometimes it went under the bottom line).
- Removed Logout button on MDT.
- Made CCTV only accessible by people in radio.
- Added CCTV at Rockford records ( access next to garage door ).

Alright everyone this is it for these patch notes. I hope you guys enjoy these new additions, hope to see you guys again soon! Have a great rest of your night/day!
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