PSA about 'Unrealistic Driving'


Community Executive
Hello all,

After speaking with the Community Executives, it has come to our attention that people are being punished for “unrealistic driving” while higher command staff personnel don’t (simply because of their superior position of power).

Let me first start off by apologizing on our behalf for not addressing this situation and taking action on this sooner.

As you may have noticed, the FiveM roleplay dynamic has been rapidly evolving from a strict and rigorous DOJ-styled environment to a more relaxed and casual environment. Following this pattern, our priority as a staff team is to make your experience more enjoyable in the TX Network. While we want to maintain a serious roleplay environment, we also do not want people to feel as if they are being bossed around or forced to act a certain way when it comes to roleplaying.

Therefore, as of today, unrealistic driving will become the least of our concerns when it comes to department rules and regulations (and will become the least of our priorities when it comes to rule breaking). To simply put it, we do not care about the way you drive. Obviously, we don’t want you to drive off Mount Chiliad going Mach-2, but mild speeding or aggressive lane changes will pretty much be ignored. But, please don’t think that this gives you the right to start running over people or purposely wrecking into other vehicles. You will be punished accordingly if this were to occur.

So, with that being said, from this point forward, if you have been punished for "unrealistic driving," please direct message any of the community executives, and they will revert that punishment.

Ted Wentz
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