Question - Player Owned Businesses

Dan S. 3L-33

New member
I have a quick question for anyone that has an answer, I'm looking at Roleplaying one of my characters owning a rental company in-game. I want to track which characters have the cars and keep a spreadsheet with information on them I.E character name and number

Am I good to do this?

Dan S.

Mungo K. 1A-10

Community Moderator
Hi Daniels,

You are allowed to do this but do note that since businesses have no registration process, if another player wishes to work there, you have no right to tell them they cannot as staff will not help you with that. For example, if I wanted to say I owned the flywheels garage and someone else said so, there is no one person who is right in this situation; you must turn this into a roleplay situation.

Asides from that clarification, you are well within your rights to do this to enhance both yours and other players experience. Hope this answer helps, get back to me if you have any further questions.