Seatbelt Penal Code Suggestion

Daniel Mack

Under the Penal Codes, the Seatbelt Violation is currently found under Title 11 (Organised Crime). Not wearing a seatbelt is not organised crime, and therefore I think it should be moved from the Organised Crime Section over to either one of the Moving Violation Sections - for example, it'd be 2(27) Seatbelt Violation. This Penal Code can not be found under the Table of Contents either, so in my opinion it should be added there too. Additionally, where is says "Violations of Penal Code 11(6) is punishable by a 200 fine", in order to maintain consistency, change it to "Violations of Penal Code 2(27) are an infraction and are punishable by a fine of $200" (or something similar).

TLDR; Move the Seatbelt Violation Penal Code to Title 2, add it under the Table of Contents and slightly alter the Penal Code description.