Server Menu


The problem is that VIP cars can be given to non VIP's and most people I see don't say anything about non whitelisted people using them. It's a problem within the menu (don't know if you can turn it off) or what would be a better option is to make your own menu so people don't have the option to save admin cars.
Anyone can get any cop car without having any rank , yes you can kick or ban but then it will just become something normal and honestly it's not a bad idea for TXDPS to have its
own menu.
You guys could then put what you want on it including guns and specific helicopters! Also I'd recommend trying to get staff from the
United Kingdom that can be on at like 4am (in USA). I really hope anyone that reads this knows its just an idea.
It's still overall a great server and I would still choose it over any server. I'm just here pitching ideas (So maybe a little change can happen?) I don't know anyone here but would love to help make a change for the people that really love role-playing and having fun. Not letting them be modded or rdmed etc...