Speedboost (Power & Torque)


Community Executive
With the direction that we are moving, I think that it is time that we also start moving away from the needs and wants to use torque and power boosts for LEO. The ability to use it was removed from civilians a while ago, with the default and common speed of GTA vehicles only going a MAX of 125 MPH and some others going a MAX of 135 MPH it is unbalanced with the LEO Ability to go near 200 MPH using torque and power boosts, the ability for civilians having a chance is almost nothing unless they resort to the common option of shooting cops in an attempt to getaway.

How would this be possible?
Well, there are 2 ways that this can be gone about.
1: Remove Torque and Power Boosts leaving only some LEO vehicles to go a MAX speed of 125 and others near 140-150 MPH.
2: Remove the torque and power boosts and spend time working on vehicle handling with LEO and civilian vehicles to make all vehicles get up to higher speeds. This process would take longer, but in the end, it will all be worth it. By doing this, all vehicles would be able to go different speeds depending on the category and vehicle class. But it will also give get the right people familiar with editing these for future vehicles that may come to the server. Then it would make it easier for the right people to do custom handlining lines for vehicles if it is needed. (i also volunteer to assist in this project fully idots)

Luke H

Community Moderator
I completely agree - I myself haven't used torque on my LEO vehicles for months because the acceleration it gives makes me feel like I'm driving a tesla roadster. I've been able to keep up in pursuits besides the 160 mph caprice screaming behind me, and all that allows me to do is determine where the suspect will go and reroute to cut them off. I think it's obvious that the police for the most part rely on the speed of their vehicles rather than the assets they can use in order to end a priority. I'd like to see the air units used more and that's really only possible if we toned down the speed of the vehicles (removing torque). +1
Also, when I drive a dodge challenger demon that irl pushes 190 mph but in game caps at 130, but an explorer can pass me doing 150 mph so.ethinfs wrong.