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John D. 1A-03

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Suggestions are a great topic for communities to have, it allows members to give their own opinion and a little insight into what they want to see change, added or even removed from the community. There are a few rules to keep in mind while suggesting though, read along with me to avoid your suggestion being deleted.

1) Before writing your suggestion, think about if it's even possible to do. Don't know if it's possible? Try looking up some examples on the internet of your suggestion, or ask some members what they think before suggesting it.
2) Make YOUR suggestion stand out, that is how you'll receive feedback from the community. no one wants to read 3 words saying "remove community cops" and be done with it.
3) Please, please, do NOT get offended or upset if your suggestion gets terrible feedback or a lot of downvotes. It's good to learn why this suggestion you made isn't good. Ask questions if you're confused with the feedback you're getting. People reply to your suggestion not just to "bash" you, but to try and understand your point of view.
4) Please don't use suggestions to create an off-topic conversation, those might just get you in trouble. Do that in the off-topic thread!
5) If there's already a suggestion similar to yours, reply to that one instead of creating a whole new one.
6) Do NOT suggest for a bug to be fixed. instead, fill out the Bug Report Form.
7) If you are making a penal code suggestion, please make sure you are doing it in the exact format of our CURRENT penal codes.
8) Enjoy writing your suggestion, you shouldn't feel obligated to write up a suggestion.

These are all the important things to know while you make your suggestion. Now go ahead and create your suggestion!
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