Supervisor - CO breifings

Allow active patrol supervisors to be able to call all COs to a PD and have a breifing with them if needed.

Reason example: All COs are confused about different things within the server (Peacetime, breaking RTO, stepping over others in RTO, etc.)

This could also be more of a Q&A type thing to where all Community Officers could ask the active supervisor(s) general questions about what they are expected to do, or if they have any questions in general about the server that can be answered by the supervisor(s) running the breifing.

In general I feel that it would be better giving active patrol Supervisors the ability to pull COs aside and assist them with anything that they can just like they would for their own department members.

Jaxon B

COs are dealt with from staff since they arent a department with supervisors. Staff members are technically their supervisors and if we changed things to allow department supervisors too, it would just confuse some COs, and even make problems. Also, staff doesn't even do this. You wouldn't hold a briefing for just COs, if one was messing around, a staff member could deal with them individually.

Luke H

Community Moderator
I'm going to reiterate what I said in #suggest-chat as this suggestion was posted on the forums. Supervisors do not need the ability to call all Community Officers to a PD for a briefing because not even staff has to do that. If you see a struggling CO, ask them to 10-12, or /msg them and let them know where they can find the community policies. Another area this causes concern is, assuming you plan on doing these briefings because there's no staff online, if a CO were to act unprofessionally during the briefing, there would be no way to control them.

Mungo K. 1A-10

Community Moderator
Agreed. What's been mentioned by my colleagues, Jaxon and Luke, is a clear reason why we don't need supervisors involved. Staff already have a construct in place for dealing with CO's and we deal with them relatively well. By allowing supervisors too, we need to introduce a new system in which you would have to report back their actions and log the meetings to keep track of things (just like us staff do). It's not needed but good suggestion.