Thank You!


I just wanna give respect to the Staff that make this server possible. We may all have our differences but at the end of the day it gets more and more professional and better everyday. This website is absolutely amazing (It's so simple and clean, I know my way around.) Dev's - Thank you for the making the server possible i really enjoy getting on there and playing.
Mods & Admins - Thanks for keeping it in line and keeping everyone safe and making sure the server is always free from drama.
Last but not least to all the people that made this server possible without you enjoy your stay and enjoying the server it wouldn't be anywhere it is now. Staff take time out of their day, take the time to deal with a lot of BS from people but they keep it professional and always keep it real.
I feel that they deserve all the respect as we wouldn't be playing this amazing server without them. The idea of making this server happen was because of them. And they deserve all the amazing things to come to them. If anyone sees this know that I thank you for everything you do to keep this server clean from people causing problems for others!

Everyone have an absolutely amazing day they deserve it!